Bachelor Parties Black Mountain NC

Black Mountain, North Carolina, was founded near the turn of the Twentieth Century. It is widely regarded as one of the coolest small towns in the Asheville area. Numerous unique stores in the downtown area draw seasonal tourists, a key component of the regional economy. There are a lot of charming bed and breakfasts as well.

The town is named for the mountain that makes up its beautiful backdrop. The highest elevations in the Appalachian Mountains are located in the Black Mountains, a minor subregion of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Black Mountain, Craggy Mountain, and Mount Mitchell are all peaks with heights greater than 6,000 feet.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you’re probably here for the access we have to the great outdoors. For a bachelor party that is unique, you can’t beat the options we have in and around Black Mountain. Here are some ideas for a non-traditional bachelor day or weekend in and around Black Mountain, NC

Awesome Bachelor Party Black Mountain, NC

If you’re planning a bachelor party to remember in Black Mountain, here’s what you can do:

1) Hiking With Your Groomsmen

We have hundreds of miles of hiking trails, some of which start right here in Black Mountain. How cool would it be to send your groom off by hiking to the roof of North Carolina? You can actually hike from Black Mountain all the way to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. 

2) Jump in a Swimming Hole

There’s nothing like jumping in a cold, clear, western North Carolina swimming hole to make you feel alive. Hiking to and plunging under a waterfall is a great way to celebrate in a way your friends will remember. 

3) Plunge Down the River – Whitewater Rafting

What could be more enjoyable for your bachelor party than to take a rapids-filled river and have the experience of your life? The Nantahala Outdoor Center in Bryson City offers whitewater rafting excursions. It’s a little more than an hour from Black Mountain. 

4) Challenge Your Friends to Battle

Laser tag and GellyBall provide the opportunity to challenge your friends to battle and compete for the crown once-and-for-all. 

Laser Tag: If you’re picturing bulky vests and awkward chords, it’s time to update your vision of laser tag. The new game is like a live-action FPS game, with wireless blasters and comfortable headsets that record all the data to be displayed on a scoreboard at the end of the game. You can decide without a doubt who has supremacy among your groomsmen. 

GellyBall: GellyBall is a revolutionary new game like paintball or airsoft, but with lower-impact ammo. Made of almost entirely water, GellyBall ammo feels a lot like getting flicked with a rubber band. Yet, the blasters are fast and accurate, up to sixty feet, so there’s still plenty of action. You might come to Black Mountain Adventure Zone for laser tag but find you’re staying for GellyBall. 

Whether you need an indoor activity or just want to have a blast at your bachelor weekend, make sure you schedule a visit to Black Mountain Adventure Zone!

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