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Black Mountain Adventure Zone

All play is scheduled in advance. We look forward to soon offering walk-in opportunities on select days.
Booking requests will be reviewed quickly by BMAZ staff for availability. We will contact you for changes.
Waivers are required for all players and are valid for the current calendar year.

Choose an Activity for Your Play Time or Party Package


Launch hydrated gel orbs at targets and other players in a variety of gameplay scenarios and objectives with our battery-powered blasters.

  • Up to 10 players at a time
  • Additional Players take turns
  • Players ages 5 and up
  • Parties for ages 7 and up
  • Each round 4-8 minutes

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Try your aim with laser taggers featuring wireless head sensors for live scoring without the bulky gear or heavy vests.

  • Up to 8 players at a time
  • Additional Players take turns
  • Players ages 5 and up
  • Parties for ages 7 and up
  • Each round 3-6 minutes

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Work together or battle each other in one of our exciting, free roam VR games!

  • Up to 5 players at a time
  • Additional players take turns
  • Players ages 8 and up
  • Parties for ages 8 and up
  • Each round 12-15 minutes

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Choose an immersive virtual reality escape room (up to 5 players) or one of our interactive augmented reality escape games (up to 20 players).

  • 2-20 players at a time
  • Players ages 7 and up
  • Parties for ages 10 and up
  • Each game 45-60 minutes

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How does it work?

Play-Only Options

Don’t need a party package? How much time do you want to play? Consider how many players you may have as each activity includes a set number of simultaneous players. Additional players rotate for no additional cost (excludes VR Escape Rooms). See our recommendations below.

Party Packages

Select one of our party packages or customize your own. How much time do you need for breaks and party activities like snacks, meals, presents and dessert? Play ends 10 minutes before the end of your time slot for wrap up and clean up.
Many guests underestimate their need for breaks or how long meals and other party activities may take.

Choose Activity

Choose from our available activities. Each allows a limited number of players at a time, and generally, additional players can rotate and take turns. Typically, only one activity is going at a time. Our primary activities utilize the same arena space. Secondary activities may be added (battle cage, target booth).

While our activities accommodate ages 5 and up, we recommend hosting parties here for ages 7 and up.

Approximately 25% of our parties are adult-only! Everyone loves to play these amazing games.

Our Typical Party Schedule:

  • Welcome your Guests: 5min
  • Safety briefing, instructions and half of selected play time.
  • Break in Party Room (for rest, food, snack, other party activity)(length depends on options chosen, commonly 15min)
  • Second half of selected play time
  • Wrap up and Cleanup: 10min
    *If additional party time is selected, it can be used anytime during your time slot. Note that some of your party time is used at the beginning and end of your time slot.

Need more time? Have more players? Choose the custom options in the online booking system to request your play time and party time needs.

Depending on the activity you choose, 1hr of play may be sufficient for up to 12 players. 12-16 players would benefit from additional playtime. We recommend more play time for groups of more than 16 players, because they will be taking turns. The maximum number of people in our facility is 25.

While you may choose to use your available time differently, play time ends 10 minutes before the end of your scheduled timeslot so you can wrap up your party and clean up.
We book parties back to back and cannot usually accommodate extra time unless booked in advance.

At Black Mountain Adventure Zone – all play is booked in advance. You have access to the party room for your entire event. “Party Time” is not required, but is recommended for most events. Party time  (down time) can be divided up throughout the entire event. Your selected Play Time is the amount of time available to your group to play, whether or not you choose to use all of it.

We schedule parties back-to-back and cannot usually accommodate extra time after your party has ended. Play ends 10 minutes before the end of your reserved slot giving you time to pack up and clean up.

Book Play Time, a Complete Party Package or Customize Your Own

3 Awesome Ways to Play:

Our Place

Our indoor glow arena in Black Mountain is ideal for groups of up to 25 people. All events are private access and include the use of our party room which overlooks the play area.

Your Place

Let us bring all the equipment to run your party activities at your location (home, church, school, office, park etc..) for groups of any size! Mobile services by

Party to Go!

Everything you need to run your own GellyBall party, plus you get to to keep it all! Give the blasters to your guests as party favors or keep them for more parties.

Party Room!

Our Party Room is where you will receive instructions and take breaks and is available to you for your entire scheduled timeslot. “Party Time” is not required but is recommended for most events. Many guests underestimate their need for breaks or down time for meals, presents, dessert etc.

The party room includes 2 six-foot tables and 12 chairs. A few additional chairs and a table are available as well. You will want to bring any supplies you may need including: decorations, table cloths, plates, plasticware, cups, utensils, food, drink etc…

We provide access to a refrigerator with freezer which you are welcome to use as well.

Play end 10 minutes before the end of your time slot so you have time to wrap up and clean up. We schedule parties back to back so please be considerate of your selected time slot.

If your group (play-only or party package) leaves a mess, a cleaning fee of at least $25 will be applied to your bill. 


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