Private Parties

Any Day, Any Time

*Subject to availability.
Party requests will be confirmed by BMAZ staff as quickly as possible or we will reach out discuss adjusting as needed.
For parties that end after 8pm, please contact us to schedule.


Customize your party:

Total Players

How many total players will be in your group?

We play up to 8 at a time for Laser Tag, 10 for GellyBall or 5 for VR.

Private Parties allow for additional players to rotate at no additional charge (excluding VR escape rooms).

Play Time

Consider how much time do you want each player to get to play, and how many players we accommodate at a time.
Choose how much total play time do you need for your event.


Which activity or activities would you like?

GellyBall, Laser Tag & VR use the same space so only one is done at a time, but both can be done during the same party.


What add-ons or upgrades would you like?

Extra or Unlimited Ammo, Battle Cage, Late Party, Retail Kits and Accessories

Party Time

Will you be having food or drink? What other party activities are you planning during your event? How much extra time do you need in the facility for these things.

Example Party Packages or Customize Your Own

Optional Enhancements

Additional Ammo

$3/hopper (appx 700 rounds)

Unlimited Ammo

Covers entire party for up to 90min.

Additional Activity

Add Battle Cage or Sharpshooter Challenge for simultaneous play (includes additional staff to run 2 activities)

Extra Time (Facility Rental)

Without Game Play
$30 per 1/2 hour.

Night Play

Parties ending after 8pm

Retail Kits

Take home GellyBall Blasters and accessories. Enjoy 10% off regular retail pricing during your private event.

Do you accept walk-in or unscheduled players?

At this time, we are cannot accomodate walk-in or unscheduled play. 

How much does a private party cost?

Cost depends on options chosen like: activity, consumables (ammo), time and duration. Sample Packages are provided above and can be customized.

Are there other players during private events?

No. At this time, if you book a private party – you will have dedicated access to our facility for the duration of your party. 

Will a BMAZ worker be present during my party?

Yes! At least one of our BMAZ staff members will act as the game commander and be available to assist you with facility related needs during your party. 

Can we bring our own food/drink?

 Yes! When you book a private party, we encourage you to bring all your necessary party supplies (food, drink, cups, plates, plasticware, decorations etc.). Choose from our party package or customize your own. If you include the “part time” option in your booking, we have a few tables and chairs that are available for you to use during your party.

Pepperoni’s Pizza is a couple doors down from us in our shopping center and may be a great place to order food.

What resources do you have available at the facility?

We have a single restroom.

We do not stock party supplies.(cups/plates/napkins/cuttlery/tablecloths)

If you booked extra party time, you are welcome to use the following items:

We have 3-4 folding tables available (3’/6’/8′) and appx 18 folding chairs. We do have a refrigerator for guest use.


Do I have to pay for non-players?

Party pricing is based on a number of factors. At this time, any party-goer who does not participate in the games, does not need to be counted in the party group for pricing purposes.

The watch areas and party room have a protected view of the arena, as does the front waiting area. 

What is the cancellation / reschedule policy?

If you must cancel or reschedule your party, please do so with as much notice as possible.

Our booking system collects your credit card number to hold your spot. It will only be charged in the event of a n0-show or late cancellation. Otherwise, we will settle up at your party.

With at least 24 hours notice of change (before the scheduled party), your deposit may be applied to a reschedule no more than 30 days past the original party date.

No-shows (as well as cancellations and reschedule requests with less than 24hrs notice) will be charged $100 fee to the card used to book.
Notice of cancellation or reschedule must be made by positive phone contact (which will be immediately followed with a text or message followup) or in writing via Facebook messenger to our business page or text to our business number.

Should you need to reschedule a second time, an additional fee equal to 25% of the party cost will be incurred.
Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of Black Mountain Adventure Zone management.

Where are you located?

108 WNC Shopping Center, Black Mountain

We are in the same shopping center as Pepperoni’s Pizza, Black Mountain Automotive Repair as well as the laundrymat, physical therapy office and Bliss Beauty Bar!

What if we need more time?

If you need more time, we will try to accomodate, depending on what is scheduled next and staff availability.

Please do not take additional time for your party or clean-up without making arrangements first. Additional time may incur additional charges. Please clean up during the final minutes of the scheduled party and avoid lingering with your guests in the facility. We need to clean and prepare for the next scheduled group.

If you request the party room or extra time for your party, you may arrive up to 15 minutes early to setup any decorations.  Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early as you may not be granted access until that time. 

If you did not request the party room or include extra time in your booking, you will be allowed in to the facility 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.


Do you have a designated party room?

Yes! If you book extra time for your party (beyond the play time), you will have access to our party room with tables and chairs and may bring in food/drink etc.

Can we come early to set up?

We recommend booking additional time and telling your guests to arrive a few minutes later. 

We work to get the doors open for you up to 10 minutes before your selected time slot. This extra time is not guaranteed

We book groups back to back and require a few minutes for our staff to clean and prep between groups.

If you need setup or clean up time – please reserve aditional time party and have your guests plan to arrive a few minutes after your time begins and leave a few minutes before the time ends. While we want to give you all the time we can, we must ensure your party does not take someone elses’s reserved time.


How does the party work?

1. If you’ve opted for extra party time, you arrive at your scheduled time (or up to 10min early) and setup your party room how you wish. At this time we will discuss any outstanding questions and arrangements.

2. Your guests arrive and will be directed into the party room or watch room to await instructions.

3. When you are ready, our BMAZ staff will welcome everyone, provide facility instructions and safety briefing for the gameplay.

4. Games will begin whenever you are ready, and we will take short or long breaks, depending on your options chosen so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the party you’ve setup in the party room, if applicable.

5. Please start cleaning up in the last few minutes of the scheduled party so as to not go over your allotted time. Plan to take photos partway through the party and not wait until the end.  You will need to remove all personal items and dispose of all trash into our trash cans by the end of your scheduled time slot. You will also need to clean up any mess made by your guests.

Do you have food/drink available?

At this time we do not have snacks or drinks available. Please bring your own. 

Snacks and drinks are acceptable for any guest, without booking extra party time. However decorations, meals and spreads of food should be part of your planned party during booking so we know what to expect. You should also plan to clean up all of your items within your allotted time frame.

Pepperoni’s Pizza is a couple doors down from us in our shopping center and may be a great place to order food.

What costs extra?

We have several options that will incur additional fees:

1. After hours – if you party request is after our normal operating hours we may charge an additional fee

2. Unlimited ammo – if you wish to upgrade your entire party to unlimited ammunition we have one reasonable fee.

3. Additional time whether booked in advance or added the day of will incur an additoinal fee.

5. Damage to our property or equipiment will incur additional fees on a case by case basis.

6. Taking extra time or not cleaning up sufficiently will incur additional fees.


Can I change my party details?

Absolutely! If your plans change and you need to alter the party details, you may do so.  You can change the party plan, add ammo or participants or add time. Just contact us to make necessary arrangements.

Some parties include several ‘up to’ features like participants and ammo. We cannot discount the party packages if you don’t use all of the included features. 

If you need a completely custom party – please contact us to discuss options.

can I book an 'after hours' party?

Request your party using our online tool.

However if you have special requests or need an ‘after-hours’ party, please contact us to discuss options and availbility. 

After hours will incur an additional fee and is dependent on availability of staff.

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