• Shooting fun for ages 5+
  • Lower Impact
  • No Mess on You

Gellyball is a new, lower impact shooting experience for players as young as 5 and yet still exciting for teens and adults! With our battery-powered, automatic blasters, players shoot at opposing players and targets in a variety of gameplay scenarios. The unique gel-based water orb ammunition feels like getting flicked with a rubber band. Players do not get wet or messy*

GellyBall Party Pricing

Booking a private party means you get the whole place to yourself! You can bring in food, drink and party items. Our BMAZ host will help make sure you have everything you need and will also run the GellyBall games. Game play can be used throughout your reserved timeslot and ends 10 minutes before your time is up. Feel free to play, take a break, eat, party and play some more!

Optional Enhancements

Additional Ammo

$3/hopper (appx 700 rounds)

Unlimited Ammo

Covers entire party for up to 90min.

Additional Activity

Add Battle Cage or Sharpshooter Challenge for simultaneous play (includes additional staff to run 2 activities)

Extra Time (Facility Rental)

Without Game Play
$30 per 1/2 hour.

Night Play

Parties ending after 8pm

Retail Kits

Take home GellyBall Blasters and accessories. Enjoy 10% off regular retail pricing during your private event.

Gameplay varies by age group. Games may include: Free for All, Elimination, DodgeBall Rules, Team Battle, Capture the Flag, Traitor Town, Infection, One-on-One, Two-on-Two, Last man Standing, Shooting Course and more.

Typically teams are played up to 5vs5. If there are more participants, we rotate teams. When this occurs, games are shorter to ensure everyone gets plenty of game time.

A’s to your GellyBall Q’s

How is GellyBall Played?

Depending on the type of event, age group and number of players, we run a variety of games which may include team battles, capture the flag, traitor town, one-on-one or two-on-two championships and more. Your BMAZ Host will organize and run the games during your party.

We typically play in teams of up to 5, So with more people, we will have more teams and quickly rotate between games so everyone gets lots of play time.

Our general rules of conduct are posted in the arena and we expect respect for other players, as well as our staff, equipment and facility.

There should be no physical contact between players or equipment. Our arena, bunkers and decore are not designed to be climbed upon or moved.

What should I wear?

We recommend bringing an extra layer (such as a light jacket or hoodie) until you know how the impact will feel. Bring or wear something with long sleeves and long pants until you can decide whether to shed a layer.

We also recommend wearing older clothes that can get dirty or stained just in case.

Our Glowing tracer ammo can leave a colored residue on clothes and skin. In our experience this fades and washes out, however, we always recommend wearing clothing that can get dirty and possibly even stained.

What equipment is required?

We provide all the necessary equipment as part of your party fee.

Our equipment includes: our battery-powered automatic  gel-blasting pistol, full-face protective mask and ammo.

You do not need to own or bring any special equipment.

What ages can play GellyBall?

Every player is different. We allow players as young as 5 because the equipment is easy to use.

When booking your event or considering walking-in, keep in mind that younger players will have a hard time participating with older players and may face higher risk of injury when playing with older or larger players. 

How Many Players can Play GellyBall?

It depends on the type of activity you’ve chosen. 

Private parties include up to 10 players at a time. You can actually have up to 30 total people in your group. We play up to 10 at a time in the arena. If you have more than 10 players in your group, we will simply create teams and rotate each game so everyone gets to play. 

Each party has a set amount of play time included. If you need more play time, you can upgrade or if you need more party time, you can upgrade. 

If you have many players, we recommend  unlimited ammo add-on

Does it hurt to get shot?

Each person’s sensitivity to the impact is different.

We compare the feeling to getting snapped with a rubber band.

GellyBall is much lower impact than paintball and airsoft.

Impact particularly at close range and on bare skin may leave a red mark. Red marks on bare skin or through thin or tight layers of clothes are common from close range combat – in our experience, these marks are not painful but can be apparent for some time.

Do you clean the equipment?

Yes! Between groups, we clean and disinfect our masks and the party room tables. 

is a waiver required?

Yes. please complete a waiver for each participants using the tab at the bottom of the screen or this link (click here).

Our electornic waiver can be completed in advance and must be on file for every participant. For your convenience, a parent or legal guardian may easily include multiple minors on one waiver.

Do you sell GellyBall Equipment?

Yes. We are an official, authorized dealer for Gellyball brand equipment. We carry a limited supply of equipment for retail sale.

What is your GellyBall Arena made of?

Our indoor facility has about 1200 sq ft of dedicated arena. The arean is decorated with various objects like barrels, panels, plants, pallets, blocks and other items that we periodically rearrange to keep the arena fresh for returning guests.

Our green outdoor carpet helps keep the players safe.

We have mounted blacklights around the arena and decorated with uv reactive paint and features along with fog machines to add to the experience. We call this Glow Mode and it is now included with every event!

A’s to your General Party Q’s

Where are you located?

108 WNC Shopping Center, Black Mountain

We are in the same shopping center as Pepperoni’s Pizza, Black Mountain Automotive Repair as well as the laundrymat, physical therapy office and Bliss Beauty Bar!

Will a BMAZ worker be present during my party?

Yes! One or two of our BMAZ staff members will be your host and serve as the game commander. They will be available to assist you with facility related needs during your party.

Can we bring our own food/drink?

Yes! We encourage you to bring all your necesary party supplies (food, drink, cups, plates, plasticware, decorations etc.). We have tables and chairs that are available for you to use during your party.

Pepperoni’s Pizza is a couple doors down from us in our shopping center and may be a great place to order food.

What facility resources do you have available?

You are welcome to use the following items:

We have 3-4 folding tables available (4’/6’/8′) and appx 20 folding chairs.

We have a single restroom.

We do  have a small refrigerator with small top freezer you are welcome to usefor guest use at this time.

We do not stock party supplies at this time so please bring your own. There is a Dollar General nearby for last minute items.(cups/plates/napkins/cuttlery/tablecloths)

Do I have to pay for non-players?

In short , no.

Party pricing is based on a number of factors. At this time, any party-goer who does not participate in the games, does not need to be counted in the party group for pricing purposes.

The party room has a protected view of the arena, as does the front waiting area. Non-players are wlecome to watch from these areas. 

Keep in mind that our parties have a minimum charge, even if you do not use all of the included (up to) number of players. 

How much are additional players?

At this time (new as of Sept 2022), we do not charge for additional players.

Your event has an included amount of play time. Each player will get as much time as possible within that alotted time. We will set the length of each game to allow all players a chance to play within your time frame.

Laser Tag includes up to 8 players at a time

GellyBall includes up to 10 players at a time.

What is the cancellation / reschedule policy?

If you must cancel or reschedule your party, please do so with as much notice as possible.

With at least 72 hours notice, there will be no penalty for cancelling your party.
With at least 48 hours notice, there will be no penalty for rescheduling your party (first reschedule only and must be rescheduled to take place within 30 calendar days of the original date).
Fee for cancellation (with 24-72hours notice) will be equal to 50% of the standard party costs as discussed or quoted.
Fee for rescheduling (with 24-48 hours notice) will be equal to 50% of the party cost.
No-shows (as well as cancellations and reschedule requests with less than 24hrs notice) will be charged up to the full amount the party.
Notice of cancellation or reschedule must be made by positive phone contact (which will be immediately followed with a text or message followup) or in writing via Facebook messenger with our business page or text with our business number.

Should you need to reschedule a second time, an additional fee equal to 25% of the party cost will be incurred.
Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of Black Mountain Adventure Zone management.

How much does a private party cost?

Cost depends on options chosen like: activity, consumables (ammo), time and duration. Currently options start at just $199!

Can I book an 'after hours' party?

If you have special requests or need an ‘after-hours’ party, please contact us to discuss options and availbility.

After hours will incur an additional fee and is dependent on availability of staff.

Are there other players during private events?

No. At this time, if you book a private party – you will have dedicated access to our facility for the duration of your party. Each party includes play time and party time.

What if we need more time?

If you need more time, we will try to accomodate, depending on what is scheduled next and staff availability.

Please do not take additional time for your party or clean-up without making arrangements first (preferably in advance of the party).

Additional time may incur additional charges.

Contact us about your specific needs (before booking, when possible) so we can customize a party event for you.

Do you have a designated party room?

Yes! We have just set aside an area for you to use as a party room!

This room overlooks the arena so your non-playing guests can watch the battles too.

Can we come early to set up?

Your chosen party time includes setup and tear down, so please keep that in mind when booking and planning your party.

Private parties include a set amount of “play time” and “party time”. Select one of our standard packages or customize your own.

You may wish to tell your guests to arrive a few minutes after your scheduled time so you have plenty of opportunity to setup for your party.

We are often able to accomodate an extra 10minutes before your scheduled party time for additional setup, however – please do not take additional time at the end of your scheduled time slot.

If you need additional time, please speak with us about it before booking so arrangements can be determined and we can provide you with an accurate price.

How does the party work?

1. You arrive at your scheduled time and setup your party room how you wish. At this time we will discuss any outstanding questions and arrangements.

2. Your guests arrive (recommended 10-15minutes after you) and you greet them. We will help escort your guests to the party room.

3. When you are ready, our BMAZ staff will welcome everyone, provide facility instructions and safety briefing for the gameplay and take a group photo if you wish (with your device).

4. Games will begin whenever you are ready, and we will take short or long breaks between games so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the party you’ve setup in the party room.

5. Our games will end 10 minutes before the scheduled end of your timeslo. This gives time for final photos and cleanup.

Do you have food/drink available?

At this time we do not have food or drink available.

Pepperoni’s Pizza is a couple doors down from us in our shopping center and may be a great place to order food.

What costs extra?

We have several options that will incur additional fees:

1. After hours – if you party request is after our normal operating hours we may charge an additional fee

2. Unlimited ammo – if you wish to upgrade your entire party to unlimited ammunition we have one reasonable fee.

3. Additional Play time or Total party time will be extra.

4. Damage to our property or equipment will incur additional fees on a case by case basis.

Can I change my party details?

Absolutely! If your plans change and you need to alter the party details, you may do so.  You can change the party plan, add ammo or participants or add time. Just contact us to make necessary arrangements.

Most parties include several ‘up to’ features like participants and ammo. We cannot discount the party packages if you don’t use all of the included features or time. 

If you need a completely custom party – please contact us to discuss options.

How can I book a party?

You can submit your reservation request for a Private Party through our online booking system.

This allows you to review all options and features and add-ons and pick a date and time. 

*We will review your request as quickly as possible and confirm it for you or reach out to adjust the schedule if necessary. Availability on the booking system does not guarantee that time is available for the location or BMAZ staff. Therefore, we will review your request and confirm or adjust as quickly as possible. Generally, a credit card is required when you submit your booking request.

If you do not wish to book online, you can reach out on facebook messenger or text us or leave us a voicemail and we will reach out to you to confirm the details and get your event scheduled. 

Sharp Shooter Challenge

  • 1v1 Competition
  • Championship Tournament
  • Live Scoring

Challenge your friends and family to crown the fastest and most accurate shooter.
Book the BMAZ Sharp Shooter Challenge activity with the outdoor arena or as a stand-alone experience.

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