Parties Black Mountain

Black Mountain is one of the most popular towns in western North Carolina. It is a must-visit for many people traveling to or through the Asheville area. Our charming, busy downtown, surrounded by the majestic Black Mountains, feels like something out of a storybook. There is plenty to see and do in town, and it’s a great starting place for adventure. 

Just a few of the factors that make Black Mountain special include:

  • The views of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Our charming downtown
  • The plethora of restaurants and shops
  • Access to thousands of miles of hiking trails
  • Proximity to Asheville
  • Our people!

Whether you are a resident of Black Mountain or Swannanoa, or you are just visiting, Black Mountain Adventure Zone can help you host an exciting party that your guests will certainly enjoy. Here’s how we make parties great in Black Mountain.

Choose Black Mountain Adventure Zone for Your Party or Event

What makes Black Mountain Adventure Zone the perfect party destination? Our unique activities make for a guaranteed good time!

We Have Modern Laser Tag

Laser tag has involved into a game those who grew up with it would hardly recognize. Long gone are heavy vests and tethered blasters. Gameplay is much more like a video game in real life. 

Modern headbands give kids the information they want to see in the same manner that video games maintain track of statistics. Furthermore, compared to the older, larger vests, they are significantly more comfortable.

GellyBall and Laser Tag are both played in the same arena. Laser tag games are frequently only played by eight people at once in order to guarantee that everyone has a fantastic time. Our knowledgeable staff organizes team battles, capture the flag, traitor town, one-on-one or two-on-two championships, and other events to make sure that both kids and adults have a fantastic time.

We Have Innovative GellyBall

What makes GellyBall such a fun sport is the fact that GellyBall ammo has a significantly lesser impact than paintball or airsoft. It is compared to being flicked by a rubber band. The impact of the ammo doesn’t make it any less pleasant for people used to shooting games with more force. Gellyball is a game that adults of all ages, including children as young as five, love playing.

We Have Battle Cage – A Sword Fighting Challenge

If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to challenge friends to a sword-fighting dual at a birthday party or gettogether, you can do it at Black Mountain Adventure Zone. Battle Cage is a high-energy sword fighting simulation that keeps score and is fun for all ages!

We Have a Party Room

Not only do we have all these exciting activities, but we have a party room for cake, singing, and hanging out. If you need a place for an exciting birthday party or celebration of any kind, reach out to Black Mountain Adventure Zone today!

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