Black Mountain is one of the most charming mountain towns in western North Carolina. It is a favorite of visitors and new residents. 

Visitors and locals can explore thousands of miles of hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking trails. Nature is what draws millions of tourists and tens of thousands of new inhabitants to our region each year. Our region invites people to explore it all year long.

Winter weather, on the other hand, might not be conducive to outdoor exploration. The French Broad River Valley experiences below-freezing temperatures on average roughly 70 times each year. From December to March, we receive around a foot of snow. Some years might be significantly colder and snowier than others.

What do you do when the kids and adults are getting stir-crazy during winter in western North Carolina? It’s time to book your winter adventure at Black Mountain Adventure Zone!

Winter Indoor Activities at Black Mountain Adventure Zone!

There’s a lot of fun to be had at our indoor arena during winter.

Play Laser Tag at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

“Laser tag at BMAZ is not your typical arcade-style activity. Featuring LaserWar technology with multiple games and weapon modes, so every battle is different and exciting.”

The era of cumbersome jackets and cord-mounted blasters is over. Laser tag is more fun now, thanks to our cozy head straps, wireless blasters, and innovative scoring.

Play VR Games and Escape Rooms at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

VR has been added to the list of adventure activities at BMAZ. We now provide five VR Games or seven VR Escape Rooms to meet your requirements, depending on the type of event, target age range, and intended participant count. The games during your party will be planned and supervised by your BMAZ Host. In our VR arena, five players may simultaneously compete.

Play GellyBall at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

“Gellyball is a new, lower impact shooting experience for players as young as five and yet still exciting for teens and adults!” 

This game is incredibly fun for young kids, teenagers, and adults alike! 

Our Typical Party Schedule:

  • Welcome your Guests: 5min
  • Safety briefing, instructions, and half of the selected playtime.
  • Break in Party Room (for rest, food, snack, other party activity)(length depends on options chosen, commonly 15min)
  • The second half of the selected playtime
  • Wrap up and Cleanup: 10min

If you have questions or you’re ready to finalize your winter activity plans, reach out to the team at BMAZ!

Winter Indoor Activities Black Mountain, NC
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