Asheville is the quintessential outdoor city. Mile-high mountains surround the city. There are thousands of miles of hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking trails that visitors and residents can traverse. Nature is what brings tens of thousands of new residents and millions of visitors to our area every year. From spring to fall, our area beckons people to explore it. 

However, during winter, the weather in winter may not be cooperative for outdoor exploration. In the French Broad River Valley, the mercury drops below freezing about seventy times each year on average. We get about a foot of snow from December through March. It can be much cooler and snowier in some years. 

Black Mountain Adventure Zone offers exciting indoor activities during winter that can keep kids and adults occupied and entertained for a few hours. 

Winter Indoor Activities Near Asheville at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

At Black Mountain Adventure Zone – all play is booked in advance. You have access to the party room for your entire event. “Party Time” is not required but is recommended for most events. Party time (downtime) can be divided up throughout the entire event. Your selected Play Time is the amount of time available to your group to play, whether or not you choose to use all of it.

BMAZ Winter Activities – GellyBall, Laser Tag, VR Games, and More 

There’s a lot of fun to be had at our indoor arena. 

Play Laser Tag at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

“Laser tag at BMAZ is not your typical arcade-style activity. Featuring LaserWar technology with multiple games and weapon modes, so every battle is different and exciting.”

Gone are the days of bulky vests and blasters attached to cords. Our comfortable head straps and wireless blasters, combined with innovative scoring, make laser tag a blast.

Play VR Games and Escape Rooms at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

VR has been added to the list of adventure activities at BMAZ. Depending on the type of event, target age group, and preferred participant count, we now offer five VR Games or seven VR Escape Rooms to accommodate your needs. Your BMAZ Host will organize and supervise the games during your party. Five individuals can play at once in our VR arena.

Play GellyBall at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

“Gellyball is a new, lower impact shooting experience for players as young as five and yet still exciting for teens and adults!” 

Don’t miss out this winter if you haven’t tried this cutting-edge new game that combines the greatest elements of airsoft and paintball with low-impact munitions. Kids as young as five and those young at heart all have a blast playing GellyBall. 

If you have questions or you’re ready to finalize your winter activity plans, reach out to the team at BMAZ!

Winter Indoor Activities Asheville
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