What to do on a rainy day near Asheville, NC. Black Mountain Adventure Zone.

Asheville, North Carolina, is closely associated with the great outdoors. People come from all over the state and country to experience life in the mountains. They come with the expectation of exploring the hundreds of thousands of acres of protected forests, state and national parks, and pristine waters. If you ask someone why they’re visiting Asheville, they might say something like:

  • I’m here for the many miles of hiking trails!
  • I’m here for one for mountain biking in Pisgah or at Kanuga Bike Park. 
  • I’m here to see the amazing views on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • I’m here to go fly fishing in mountain heritage trout waters.
  • I’m here to go whitewater rafting or kayaking in the French Broad or Nantahala Rivers. 
  • I’m here to sit quietly on top of one of the highest mountains on the East Coast.

All of those activities are awesome when the weather cooperates. But in a place that receives upwards of forty inches of rain per year, there is always the chance that your outdoor plans will get washed out. So, what is there to do indoors in a city built around being outside? Believe it or not, there’s just as much to experience on a rainy day! Here are just a few options.

What To Do Near Asheville on a Rainy Day

1) Eat Something

Asheville is as famous for its restaurants as it is for the great outdoors. There are many lists of famous restaurants. There are always new and lesser-known places with amazing food. You could try your luck and have a great meal almost anywhere. 

2) Shop Somewhere

When you’re finished eating, there is some excellent shopping to be found in and around Asheville:

  • Biltmore Square: Biltmore Square offers a premium shopping experience convenient to south Asheville and Asheville Regional Airport.
  • The Asheville Outlets: One of the newer shopping areas, the outlets are the perfect place to shop and unwind. Bring an umbrella to get from shop to shop.
  • Downtown Asheville: Asheville has been careful to keep things local. Some of the most unique businesses in the South are in downtown Asheville.
  • The River Arts District: A different type of shopping experience, but there is a tremendous amount of world-class art to find and collect in the RAD.
  • Small Towns: Every small town in the area has unique shops and small businesses. Grab an umbrella and visit the downtowns of Black Mountain, Hendersonville, Brevard, Weaverville, Mars Hill, Marshall, and others. 

3) Learn Something

Asheville has a number of fascinating and unique museums that often offer some ways for kids to unwind. The pinball museum has over seventy vintage pinball games. The Asheville Museum of Science has numerous activities to help kids learn when the weather isn’t cooperating. 

4) Play Inside

Black Mountain Adventure Zone is located just twenty-five minutes from Asheville. Our indoor arena allows kids to expend energy while playing fun and unique games like GellyBall and Laser Tag. 

GellyBall: This is an innovative new game that takes the sting out of shooting sports like paintball and airsoft. It feels a lot like getting flicked with a rubber band, but the plasters shoot straight and accurately up to sixty feet. 

Laser Tag: This is not your dad’s laser tag. Our version of laser tag has innovative scoring, comfortable head straps, and wireless shooters. It is much more like playing a live-action video game. 

If you need a rainy day activity for your kids that is just as much fun for adults, we are located just twenty minutes from Asheville in beautiful Black Mountain. Contact us for more information today!

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