Asheville is one of the most visited cities in North Carolina. We welcome tens of millions of tourists to Buncombe County every year. Tourism is such a part of our economy and lives we named our baseball team the tourists. Why? The great outdoors.

You might not think of a parking deck as a must-visit when you’re in downtown Asheville, but If you stand on top of the Wall Street Parking Garage (or the roof of any building), you can see exactly why our area attracts so many people. We are surrounded on every side by the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi River. 

Within those mountains are thousands of miles of trail to explore, large catching waterfalls, fast-flowing trout waters, and unmatched beauty. Chances are, if you’re planning a getaway in western North Carolina, it’s to get back to nature. However, sometimes nature doesn’t cooperate, and your plans get rained out. Then, what do you do?

We never wish for your trip to get rained out. We hope you get to see as much of our area as possible. But you must remember it rains between forty and fifty inches each year. It happens during any month and at any time. It can rain for twenty-minute or for days without a break. The droplets could be warm or cold. Regardless of how it falls or how much, rain can wash away your outdoor plans.

So, what do you do if it rains in a city built on the great outdoors? That’s what we want to help you answer this article.

What Do You Do in the Rain in Asheville?

1) You Go Out To Eat

Fortunately, if you do get rained on, you are in a place known for great restaurants. Most (not all) of the most famous Asheville restaurants are inside. Buxton Hall BBQ, Tupelo Honey Cafe, and White Duck Tacos lead the list, but there are many more places to grab a bite. You might consider doing each course) appetizers, entrées, and desserts) somewhere different for every meal. 

2) You Explore the Towns Nearby

Asheville is surrounded by charming mountain towns, many of which look like they were cut out from a postcard. While not as infamous as the city, Black Mountain attracts its own tourists and has its own super fans. Some of the other towns to visit include:

  • Weaverville
  • Hendersonville 
  • Mars Hill
  • Marshall
  • Brevard
  • Waynesville 
  • Cherokee/Bryson City

3) You Take A Train Ride

This activity is about an hour outside the city, but it’s as enjoyable for kids and adults in the rain as it is in the sun. The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad is an old-timey steam engine taking passengers through the picturesque Nantahala Gorge to the stunning Fontana Lake. Even if you don’t have the range of views in the rain that you might have on a sunny day, the clouds and mist create their own mysterious Smoky Mountain mood you will enjoy. 

4) You Go To The Pinball Museum

How many places have a pinball museum? Asheville has a 70-game museum dedicated to pinball. Sixty-five players at a time can relive the glory days of arcades or experience pinball for the first time. This is a great rainy day activity to keep the kids busy. 

5) You Play GellyBall in Black Mountain

Indoor activities help pass the time unless you have kids with seemingly endless energy. Even pinball isn’t enough to expend the energy your youngsters have. If you need a rainy day activity that will allow your kids to run around, GellyBall at Black Mountain Adventure Zone is the solution. Here’s what you need to know about GellyBall:

  • GellyBall is a low-impact shooting game, suitable for younger players but plenty of fun for adults. 
  • Getting hit with GellyBall ammo feels like being flicked with a rubber band.
  • GellyBall blasters are impressive, firing accurately up to sixty feet away. They have more zip than Nerf ammo but do not hurt like airsoft and paintball. 
  • GellyBall ammo doesn’t splatter or leave a residue like paintballs. 
  • GellyBall can be played by players as young as five. 
  • GellyBall is so fun that your kids won’t even realize how much energy they are expending. 

In addition to GellyBall, we also offer Tactical Laser Tag and Battle Cage, a sword fighting game. 

6) You Take a Drive on the Parkway

Rainy days can actually be quite enjoyable on the parkway, provided it’s safe to drive. However, if it is too foggy to see, or wet enough to hydroplane, it’s not a good day for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

While you may not see the wide vistas for which the Parkway is known, clouds and mist create a mysterious beauty unique to the mountains during the rain. 

7) You Go Outside Anyway

Sometimes, you just have to brave the rain and go outside. Be advised, some trails will close for hikers and bikers due to wet conditions, and you need to make sure you’re not in danger of flash floods or landslides if you do venture out. However, if it is safe to be out, you might not let a little rain stop you from enjoying our beautiful area. 

Even if you have amazing weather, you don’t want to leave our area without experiencing an indoor adventure at Black Mountain Adventure Zone. Find out more about what we offer on our website

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