Laser Tag has been around for a long time. When people think about indoor games, it is one that immediately comes to mind. You probably can immediately picture the heavy chest vests and corded blasters. You play one round, you’re winded, and you move on to the arcade games.

If you haven’t played since the 90s, or you haven’t played in an arena that has updated its equipment, you may not realize how much the game has evolved. In this post, we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Laser Tag. 

Seven Most Common Questions About Laser Tag

1) How Did Laser Tag Start?

Laser Tag owes its existence in no small way to Star Wars

“George Carter III, the inventor of Laser Tag, chanced upon the idea way back in 1977 after watching Star Wars Episode 4. However, his vision was not realized until 1984 when the first arena-based Laser Tag facility called Photon was set up in Dallas, Texas.”

Inspired by George Lucas’ popular movies, Laser Tag was born out of the idea that there should be an indoor shooting game that allowed teams to fire something similar to the blasters seen in the movies. Knowing that, it does beg the question, are you better at laser tag than a Storm Trooper? 

2) What is New About Laser Tag?

Laser Tag has come a long way in a short time. Our equipment includes brand-new LaserWar taggers and corresponding head straps with sensors. There are no heavy vests or uncomfortable gear to wear. Sound effects and vibrations inform each player of their actions.

Our equipment makes it possible to run, duck, hide, and move a lot faster than you may have experienced in the past. If you haven’t played it lately, you need to experience this new type of laser tag!

3) What Ages Can Play Laser Tag At BMAZ?

We make an effort to accommodate your party’s requirements and make the event enjoyable for guests of all ages. There is a good chance you’ve never used anything like our laser tag equipment before, so there could be a short learning curve.

Ages eight and up tend to pick up on our particular kind of laser tag quickly. Younger players (5+) are welcome; however, we want you to be aware that some may find it difficult to carry the equipment and aim, which could make the experience less enjoyable for them. We’ve discovered that players aged five to seven need adult assistance.

4) Can the Laser Hurt You?

The taggers feature class 1 lasers which are safe and invisible. You do not see your laser shot location. When you strike your opponent, you can see the shot confirmation on their headset. The opposing headset will start to glow. Depending on the game style and the weapon you use, it tends to take many shots to eliminate an opponent.

5) How Many Players Can Play Laser Tag?

In our indoor arena, eight players can simultaneously play. Our technology accommodates up to thirty players, but we can only comfortably fit eight at a time In the arena. If your group has more than eight people, we’ll just divide up into teams, and we’ll rotate each game so that everyone gets to participate.

A certain amount of play time is allotted to each party. You have the option to upgrade if you need extra playtime or party time.

6) What Makes Laser Tag at BMAZ Unique?

As we said above, our equipment includes brand-new LaserWar taggers and corresponding head straps with sensors. There are no cumbersome vests or other items to wear. Each player is alerted to their actions via sound effects and sensations. 

We use the simplest settings for younger players in order to enhance the fun. This new system offers real-time scoring so that every participant is aware of their individual and group stats! After each round, players gather around the scoreboard to see how they did in comparison to their friends. 

Today’s laser tag resembles a live-action FPS video game. 

7) How Do I Play Laser Tag at Black Mountain Adventure Zone?

Booking a private party means you get the whole place to yourself! You can bring in food, drink, and party items. We don’t have walk-in options right now, but the arena is often available on weekdays. For weekends, you want to book as soon as you have your date in mind. It’s easy to set up your party online. You’re also welcome to give us a call!

When you book a laser tag party at Black Mountain Adventure Zone, you will always have a staff member with you, access to the party room, and opportunities to play other games like GellyBall and Battle Cage. Contact us to set up your new, enhanced laser tag adventure today!

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