Millennials and young Generation Xers may hardly remember a time that they weren’t aware of laser tag. It’s a game that touches on the same nostalgic nerve that makes reboots of 90’s shows and movies so successful. 

Laser tag reminds us of a time when kids had real options for spending their summers hanging out with friends at the arcade or skate rink before grabbing their favorite movie and a bag of popcorn at Blockbuster on the way home. However, unlike those, laser tag has stood the test of time and avoided the fate that befell video rental stores and arcades. 

What is it about laser tag that makes it so fun? Why has it stood the test of time and is ultimately as popular as ever? We’re going to help answer that question here. 

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag owes its existence in no small way to Star Wars

“George Carter III, the inventor of Laser Tag, chanced upon the idea way back in 1977 after watching Star Wars Episode 4. However, his vision was not realized until 1984 when the first arena based Laser Tag facility called Photon was set up in Dallas, Texas.”

Unlike Star Wars and Star Trek, laser tag players are not firing actual lasers at one another. However, the technology might be just as cool. It’s based on a combat training system developed by the United States military – The multiple integrated laser engagement system, or MILES. 

In order to track the “firing” of a laser tag beam, Infrared signaling is commonly used. Visible light is often paired with theatrical fog to give the visual appearance of firing in indoor play, but it plays no part in transmitting the fire signal. That means that laser tag is safe for players while being able to accurately track statistics. 

When you picture a laser tag, you probably remember wearing a heavy, cumbersome vest to keep up with scoring. That’s not the way it works in our arena:

“Forget the old heavy vests and uncomfortable gear. Our LaserWar taggers feature wireless headband sensors with sound and vibrations to inform each player of their actions and status.”

How Has Laser Tag Changed?

Our equipment comprises brand new LaserWar taggers and a sensor-equipped head strap. There are no bulky vests or inconvenient equipment to wear. Each player’s activities are communicated to them through sound effects and vibrations.

We choose the easiest settings for younger players in order to enhance their enjoyment. Younger players can wear our head strap sensors around their necks if their heads are too tiny for the head strap. This new system allows real-time scoring, allowing each player to keep track of their individual and team statistics!

How Laser Tag Gameplay Works

Our laser tag arena is the same one used for GellyBall; however, we typically limit laser tag games to eight players at a time. 

We offer a variety of games depending on the sort of party, age levels, and the number of players, including team fights, capture the flag, traitor town, one-on-one or two-on-two championships, and more. Black Mountain Adventure Zone professionals run games and help you track your stats, wins, and losses. 

We usually play in groups of up to four people, but if there are more people, we will form additional teams and switch between games fast so that everyone gets enough playing time.

Laser Tag Can Be Played Outdoors

Through our sister organization, Elite Action Gaming, we can bring tactical laser tag to you. Laser Tag brings video gameplay to life in a more exhilarating and realistic way than VR can provide. 

Laser Tag at Black Mountain Adventure Zone

A laser tag party is one of the best gifts you can give a kid who loves video games, hanging out with friends, and competition. It is the perfect rainy day activity if you find yourself in the Asheville or Black Mountain area at a time when the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate with your outdoor plans. 

At Black Mountain Adventure Zone, you can pair laser tag with GellyBall for a party about which your kids will not stop talking for months and years to come. In fact, we see a lot of people suit up in our arena expecting to have an exciting laser tag party, only to find they have even more fun than they could imagine playing GellyBall. 

If you want to experience modern laser tag firsthand and maybe get a sense of what this GellyBall buzz is all about at the same time, book your party today

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