As summer draws to an end, you are probably trying to get in as much rest, relaxation, and adventure as possible. For college students, move-in dates are just around the corner, and you’re probably already getting emails from professors. 

College is certainly a time used to prepare for future careers, but it is also a season of life in which you find your passions and hobbies. Student clubs and club sports provide opportunities to develop skills and make friends. 

Club leaders are always searching for ways to help welcome new members and break the ice, so everyone feels welcome. Team-building activities jump-start the conversations and bonding you need to build community. Colleges and universities in the Asheville area have numerous options for activities that help school club members bond. 

In this article, we’re discussing six club bonding activities for schools in the Asheville area, including:

  • Montreat College 
  • Warren Wilson College
  • Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
  • The University of North Carolina Asheville
  • Mars Hill University
  • Haywood Community College
  • Western North Carolina University
  • Fruitland Baptist Bible College

Six Club Bonding Activities Near Asheville and Black Mountain

1) Go for a Club Hike

Can you imagine your club team bonding over beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains? There are few parts of the world with more hiking trails than western North Carolina. A few of the options for your club include:

  • Mount Pisgah: A three-mile out-and-back with a 270-degree view. 
  • Max Patch: A half-mile out-and-back with a 360-degree view and access to more trails and the Appalachian Trail.
  • Crabtree Falls: A 2.5-mile loop with a stunning waterfall and mountain views. 
  • Linville Gorge: A variety of trails ranging from relatively easy to among the most challenging on the East Coast, with views of North Carolina’s Grand Canyon
  • Mount Mitchell from Black Mountain: A 12-mile out-and-back that is among the most challenging day hikes or overnight backpacking trails in the area. 

This is just a short list of a few of the amazing hiking options in our area. 

2) Check Out a Swimming Hole

Those of us who are from the mountains may forget just how rare a clean, cold, accessible swimming hole is in the South. Students attending college from down east have ponds and lakes that get pretty warm during the summer. The water is home to snakes and other unsettling creatures. 

As your semester gets started, it’s still warm enough to check out some of the local swimming holes. Bring a picnic lunch for your club and enjoy bonding over the crisp, clean water and babbling waterfalls of western North Carolina. 

3) Take a Whitewater Rafting Excursion

Maybe, rather than a swimming hole, your club would benefit from plunging down the rapids of the Nantahala, French Broad, Watauga, or Ocoee Rivers of western North Carolina and East Tennesee. 

4) Play Pinball

Asheville is home to a pinball museum! In case it’s not clear from the name, the Pinball Museum is home to dozens of pinball machines that you can indeed play. There are also numerous vintage and modern arcade games. This is a fun bonding activity that is sure to bring your club together. 

5) Experience GellyBall

Similar to paintball and airsoft, Gellyball is a game where you run, hide, and fire blasters at your club members. However, this game uses ammo that is 90% water and, therefore, has a much lower impact than paintballs or airsoft bbs. The impact feels comparable to being flicked with a rubber band.

So, does that mean it’s boring for college-aged adults? Not at all! GellyBall blasters are incredibly accurate up to sixty feet and easy to use. Whether your teammates have years of experience with shooting games or have never touched a paintball gun, anyone can be an expert with a GellyBall blaster!

People frequently visit Black Mountain Adventure Zone to play laser tag, but once they try GellyBall, they can’t quit! Firing harmless Gellyballs at one another is the best way to bring a college club together!

6) Play Tactical Laser Tag

You might be surprised by how much the game has evolved if you haven’t played modern laser tag. This is not the laser tag that your parents remember. At Black Mountain Adventure Zone, it’s more like an FPS video game come to life!

Our equipment includes brand-new LaserWar taggers and head straps with sensors. There is no need to wear cumbersome vests or uncomfortable gear. Vibrations and sound effects are used to communicate each player’s actions to the other players.

In order to guarantee that everyone receives adequate playing time, we typically play in groups of up to four players per team. If your group has more people, we will quickly establish extra teams. The amount of exercise provided by modern laser tag will astound you. It’s like working up a sweat while playing a video game at once!

If you want your college club to bond over a friendly but competitive laser tag and GellyBall experience, we would love to schedule your private party today! You can also visit us during open play hours!

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