Birthday Party Buncombe County North Carolina

Buncombe County, North Carolina, is home to some of the tallest mountains on the East Coast. Mount Mitchell, located on the border with Yancey County, is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. Craggy Peak and the other mountains that make up the eastern and northern portions of the county soar to heights above five thousand feet. 

The French Broad and Swannanoa Rivers carve valleys through the central and western portions of the county, helping create the interesting terrain and beautiful scenery for which our area is known. The beauty and breathtaking views are what bring millions of tourists and thousands of new residents every year. 

When you’re not exploring every inch of the natural wonders of this county, there are plenty of restaurants, shopping centers, and events to enjoy. If you’re searching for a way to occupy and entertain kids during a birthday party in Buncombe County, we have some solutions your children, their friends, and their parents will love!

Where To Host Your Buncombe County Birthday Party

Black Mountain Adventure Zone has everything you need to host a birthday party your kids will remember!

Birthday Party Laser Tag

Laser tag has advanced considerably. The era of bulky chest packs is over. The wireless headband sensors in our LaserWar taggers provide sound and vibration capabilities to alert each participant to their actions and status. Your children and their friends will experience a virtual video game similar to Fornite in real life.

Birthday Party GellyBall

GellyBall is an innovative new game enjoyed by many!

The fact that GellyBall ammunition has a lot less of an impact than paintball or airsoft ammunition is what makes this sport so much fun. It is likened to being flicked by a rubber band by our players. For those used to shooting games with higher intensity, the effect of the ammo doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Adults of all ages, and little kids as young as five, enjoy playing the game GellyBall.

Our arena is perfect for the GellyBall experience. You’ll find that kids and adults alike will not even want to stop for cake!

Birthday Party Battle Cage

Battle Cage is a one-on-one sword dueling competition with smart equipment and live scoring. While some are playing GellyBall and laser tag, others can participate in a battle cage tournament for the ages.

Black Mountain Adventure Zone

In addition to our exciting activities, our facility is perfect for hosting parties, with a dedicated party room safely separated from the activities. If you are ready to host your birthday party at Black Mountain Adventure Zone, reach out to us today!

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