Asheville Team Building Activities, Black Mountain, NC

There is no place like Asheville. It is the highest city of its size, east of the Mississippi River. Surrounded by mile-high mountains, the reason is home to the highest concentration of diverse outdoor activities in North Carolina. The city is known for being a cultural hub for great food, world-class art, amazing music, and unique shopping. 

Western North Carolina is more than just a tourist destination. 

The Asheville Area is a Hub for Education

There are several colleges and universities in the Asheville area and region of western North Carolina, including:

  • The University of North Carolina Asheville
  • Western North Carolina University
  • Mars Hill University
  • Montreat College
  • Warren Wilson College
  • Asheville Buncombe Technical College

The Asheville Area Has a Strong Economy

Our economy is not as dependent on tourism as it once was. Many industries are represented in the Asheville area, such as banking, technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. 

Asheville is a city committed to its community. Teamwork is important to making our area the best it can be. From college sports teams to small businesses to workplace departments, if you’re responsible for a group of people, your crew can benefit from team-building activities. 

Team-Building Activities Near Asheville, NC

Here are two fun activities sure to help strengthen the bonds between your athletic team or staff:

Tactical Laser Tag

If you haven’t played modern laser tag, you might be shocked by how far the game has come. The laser tag your folks played was not like this. It’s more like an FPS video game come to life at Black Mountain Adventure Zone.

We have brand-new LaserWar taggers and sensor-equipped head straps. There is no obligation to wear bulky vests or awkward equipment. Each player’s actions are sent to the other players via vibrations and sound effects.

We usually play in groups of up to four players per team to ensure that everyone gets enough playing time. If your group is larger, we will swiftly form additional teams. You’ll be amazed by how much exercise modern laser tag offers. It’s like working out while also playing a video game!


If you need a team-building activity that will let your people run around and have fun, GellyBall at Black Mountain Adventure Zone is the solution. Here’s what you need to know about GellyBall:

  • GellyBall is a low-impact shooting game, suitable for younger players but plenty of fun for adults.
  • Getting hit with GellyBall ammo feels like being flicked with a rubber band.
  • GellyBall blasters are impressive, firing accurately up to sixty feet away. They have more zip than Nerf ammo but do not hurt like airsoft and paintball.
  • GellyBall ammo doesn’t splatter or leave a residue like paintballs.
  • GellyBall is run a lot like laser tag with varying gameplay. You’ll likely find your group is ready for more, and you’ll have to drag them out of the arena. 

If you’re searching for team-building activities in the Asheville area, Black Mountain Adventure Zone has you covered. Reach out today to book your team-building adventure!

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