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Laser Tag Fun for All Ages

Game objectives tailored for your group.
Players age 5 to adult have a blast!

Live Scoring & High-Tech Fun

Easy to use taggers with live scoring & statistics>
View personal and team score & details after each match.

Year Round Fun, Any Occasion

Indoor laser tag arena available any time, any day.
Ask about late-night options too!

About the Laser Tag Experience near Asheville

Laser Tag Arena Glow at BMAZ the adventure zone in Black Mountain NC

The Laser Tag Arena

Our glowing laser tag arena with custom blacklight art and a variety of bunkers accomodates 8 players at a time. Sneak around your opponent or hide in the fog of war and wait for your moment.

Laser Tag Equipment at BMAZ the adventure zone in Black Mountain NC

The Laser Taggers

Our laser tag equipment is lightweight and easy to use for all ages. No heavy vests or cables to deal with. Headband sensors allow for exciting game play becuase 'headshots win"!

Laser Tag Gameplay at BMAZ the adventure zone in Black Mountain NC

The Laser Tag Games

Team members, number of teams, length of game, number of lives and other objectives change throughout your experience. Try team battles, infection and last man standing scenarios.

Laser Tag Gameplay at BMAZ the adventure zone in Black Mountain NC

Laser Tag Groups

Throw a laser tag party! Bring up to 25 people total and your players will rotate 8 at a time to play multiple games. Bring any food & drink and party supplies you wish with a party package.

What others are saying about Laser Tag at BMAZ

Absolutely the BEST decision in booking BMAZ for our son’s 10th Birthday. Finally, a stress- free party that was enjoyed by everyone from age 6-Grandpa! The owners are super friendly & accommodating. 

Babbit Family

Facebook Reviews

Our family of teens, young adults and mom and dad had a great time at BMAZ  for laser tag.  Our host staff was informative and entertaining. Would definitely recommend and go back whenever we are visiting Black Mt again!

Ms Glamb

Google Reviews

Laser Tag was the best experience I have had with my family and friends in a long time. The staff was incredible and they even interacted with the kids.

Derrick S

Google Reviews

Ages 16-53 and every one of us enjoyed the experience. From us girlies whipping the fellas at laser tag a great time was had by all of us from the time we walked in the door. We will definitely be back!! 

The Almonds & Peebels family

Google Reviews

Laser Tag Adventure Pricing

All appointments are private access at Black Mountain. Yours is the only group in the facility. This is why we charge per time slot not per person.

Laser Tag FAQ’s

How is Laser Tag Played?

Depending on the type of event, age group and total number of players, we run a variety of games which may include battles of 2-4 teams, free-for-all and infection. Your BMAZ Host will organize and run the games during your party.

Most games are played 2 teams of 4 players. So with more people, we will have more teams and/or quickly rotate between games so everyone gets lots of play time.

Our general rules of conduct are posted in the facility and we expect respect for other players, as well as our staff, equipment and facility.

There should be no physical contact between players or equipment. Our arena, bunkers and decore are not designed to be climbed upon or moved.

What ages can play Laser Tag at BMAZ?

We do our best to cater to your group’s needs and to make our experience fun for all ages in your group. Our laser tag equipment is probably unlike anything you’ve played before.

We have found that ages 7+ catch on quickly to our laser tag experience. We welcome younger players (5+) and want you to know that some may struggle a little with carrying the equipment and aiming which may make the experience less fun for them. We’ve found that an adult needs to assist players under 7yrs old.

While do not recommend a laser tag party at BMAZ specifically for children under the age of 7, we do our a best to make it fun for everyone in your group.

Do you see the laser?

The taggers feature class 1 lasers which are safe and invisible like a TV remote. You do not see your laser shot location. You do see shot confirmation on your opponent when you hit them. Their headset will light up. It usually takes multiple shots to take out an opponent depending on the game type and weapon you choose.

You will see a light from the muzzle flash which will appear on your target but is not lined up to act as a laser site. However, once you know how that light aligns with your target, you can use it to quickly set your aim and hit your target every time (hint, typically you should aim your muzzle flash a little low to hit your target).

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing a couple of layers that you can shed as you get warm from moving around. Bring or wear something with long sleeves and long pants until you can decide whether to shed a layer. Many players like to wear darker clothes so as to blend in with the blacklight arena.

We also recommend wearing older clothes that can get dirty or stained just in case as some players tend to crawl or rub up against the arena and can get dirty.

How many players can play Laser Tag?

Our indoor arena accomodates up to 8 players at a time.

You can actually have up to 25 people in your group. We play up to 8 at a time in the arena. If you have more than 8 players in your group, we will simply create teams and rotate each game so everyone gets to play.

Each appointment has a set amount of play time included. If you need more play time, you can upgrade or if you need more party time, you can upgrade.

What makes Laser Tag at BMAZ unique?

Our equipment includes two-handed taggers and corresponding headstrap with sensors. There are no heavy vests or uncomfortable gear to wear. Sound effects and vibrations inform each player of their actions.

For younger players, we select the easiest settings to maximize fun.

Our system provides live scoring so each player knows their personal and team statistics at the end of each battle

What equipment is required?

We provide all the necessary equipment as part of your appointment.

There are no heavy vests or uncomfortable gear to wear.

You do not need to own or bring any special equipment.

Do you clean the equipment?

Yes! Between appointments we clean and disinfect the gear as follows:
head strap and sensors are cleaned and disinfected prior to use by another group.

is a waiver required?

Yes. please complete a waiver for each participants using the tab at the bottom of the screen or this link (click here).

Our electornic waiver can be completed in advance and must be on file for every participant. For your convenience, a parent or legal guardian may easily include multiple minors on one waiver.


Our indoor facility has about 1200 sq ft of dedicated arena. The arena is decorated with various objects like barrels, panel walls  and other items that we periodically rearrange to keep the arena fresh for returning guests.

Our green outdoor carpet helps keep the players safe.

We have mounted blacklights around the arena and decorated with uv reactive paint and features along with fog machines to add to the experience.

About our Black Mountain Location

Indoor - Black Mountain, NC

108 WNC Shopping Center
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Between Swannanoa and Black Mountain
Across from the Ingles Warehouse
In the same shopping center as Pepperoni’s Pizza.


About the Location

For a great laser tag experience near Asheville, the indoor glow arena in Black Mountain is ideal for groups of about 15 and can accommodate groups up to 25 people (including players and non-players). The dark atmosphere and glowing artwork extend throughout the facility. Our staff organizes and manages the games during your appointment.
While many of our activities accommodate players as young as 5yrs old, we recommend parties here for ages 7-adult!

Not just for kids! ADULTS are welcome and encouraged to participate. over 25% of our events are ‘adult-only’.


After Hours

After-Hours (late night) options are available. Please contact us at least 48hrs in advance, if you wish to book an outside of our normal operating hours (after 10pm).


A small freezer is available for your use during your reservation for ice, or frozen goods.

A limited selection of drinks (water, juice, gatorade, energy drinks and sodas) and snacks (chips, crackers, candy bars) is available for purchase. You may always bring drinks to stay hydrated. Outside food/snacks are only allowed for party packages or any appointment with “party time” added.


Appointments are required online at least 24hrs in advance. You may call to ask about same-day availability, which is very limited. Occasionally, we post to social media and on our website about special walk-in hours when reservations would not be required.

All appointments are private access. Yours is the only group in the facility during your event.  You are not sharing the space with any other group. Occasional walk-in opportunities are the exception to this, but there are no party reservations during those times.

FOOD & PARTY SUPPLIES are allowed if you chose a party package or added “party time” to your custom reservation. Be sure to bring all the items and accessories you may need. 

Cancellations & Reschedules

Please use the link on your confirmation email for Cancellations and reschedule requests which must be received through our Square booking engine no less than 48 hours before your scheduled check-in time. With less than 48hours notice, you may be charged a cancellation, no-show or reschedule fee of at least $99.

Check-In & Check-Out

CHECK-IN time is the time you selected for your appointment. You may arrive at this time. We book groups back-to-back and our staff works to get the space ready for you quickly between appointments. If you need extra time to set up, please book extra time and tell your guests to arrive later.

CHECK-OUT is the time you need to be out of the facility. Your BMAZ host will end all play and remind you to clean up, load-out during the last 10 minutes of your appointment. Please clean up,  remove all of your items from the facility and pay the balance of your appointment no later than your check-out time.

Check-in begins at your selected appointment time and check-out is the end time of your appointment. Please do not interrupt another party by arriving too early or staying past your check-out time.

Plan to remove all items that you brought and clean up during the final 10 minutes of your reservation in order to be out by your check-out time. 

Cleaning Requirements

Cleaning Requirements: wipe tables & chairs, sweep floor, clean up any mess or spills with the provided wipes and broom/dustpan) by the end of your reserved time.
Or choose to have our staff clean up for an additional fee.

Cleaning fees will be incurred for any reservation that leaves a mess. 

Plan to remove all items that you brought and clean up during the final 10 minutes of your reservation in order to be out by your check-out time. 


PAYMENT for your appointment is usually settled at the end of your event by cash, or card. A credit card or deposit may be required when you reserve online to hold your spot. Please bring a payment method for the balance.


PLAY-ONLY appointments do not allow food or party supplies. You may bring DRINKS or purchase drinks and snacks during  your PLAY-ONLY reservation. Please do not bring food or party supplies.

FOOD & PARTY SUPPLIES are allowed if you chose a party package or added “party time” to your custom reservation. Be sure to bring all the items and accessories you may need. 


WAIVERS are required for all players and must be completed online, in advance by the player or their legal guardian if they are a minor. Waivers can be completed onsite by scanning our QR code from your mobile device. Waivers are valid for all BMAZ locations and activities for the same calendar year. We cannot accept paper waivers. We cannot review who has completed a waiver ahead of your appointment.

Family Friendly



Black Mountain Location:
108 WNC Shopping Ctr,
Black Mountain, NC
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Open Daily by Appointment Only

Whittier Location:
5200 Hwy 74 West,
Whittier, NC
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Open Daily by Appointment AND
Walk-In Saturdays 11am-7pm

Call or Text: (828) 419-0473‬

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