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While we limit ‘open play’ opportunities due to COVID, you can still book your private party for exclusive access to our facility. Your family or group will have private access to our facility to host your party for birthdays, reunions, celebrations, team building or just because! 

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NEW Mini Private Sessions!

As the community avoids crowds and gatherings, you can still enjoy GellyBall at BMAZ with as little as 1 Hour of Private Facility Use. On Certain Days Only. Including:

  • Up to 45 minutes of Game Time
  • Up to 8 participants
  • 2 Ammo Hoppers per player
  • BMAZ Host / Battle Commander
  • Mask and Blaster Rental Included
  • Additional Players $15ea (with 2 hoppers each)
  • Additional Ammo + $5/ hopper
  • (Glow Mode +$50)



BMAZ will clean and disinfect all gear and high-touch surfaces between groups.
Mini Sessions available on specific dates only!

GellyBall is here!


  • Shooting fun for ages 5+
  • Lower Impact
  • No Mess

Gellyball is a new, lower impact shooting experience for players as young as 5 and yet still exciting for teens and adults as well! With our battery operated automatic pistols (and rifles coming soon) shoot at opposing players and targets with accuracy up to 60ft! The unique gel-based water orb ammunition leaves no mess or marks other than a droplet of water. It feels like getting flicked with a rubber band.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing a couple of layers until you know how the impact will feel. Bring or wear something with long sleeves and long pants until you can decide whether to shed a layer.

We also recommend wearing older clothes that can get dirty or stained just in case.

What equipment is required?

We provide all the necessary equipment as part of your entrance (or party) fee. 

Our equipment includes: our battery-powered automatic Gel Blaster pistol, full-face protective mask and ammo. If you are playing glow-mode, we include the glow ammo and a UV flashlight attachment. 

You do not need to own or bring any special equipment. 

is a waiver required?

Yes. please complete a waiver for each participants using the tab at the bottom of the screen or this link (click here)

Does it hurt to get shot?

Each person’s sensitivity to the impact is different.

We compare the feeling to getting flicked with a rubber band.

GellyBall is generally much lower impact than paintball and airsoft.

Impact particularly at close range and on bare skin may leave a temporary red mark and/or soreness.

Do you clean the equipment?

Yes! Between users of our equipment we clean and disinfect the gear as follows;
Masks – our full-face protecive masks are cleaned and then disinfected prior to use by another individual

Gel-Blaster pistol grips are disinfected prior to the next individual.

How is GellyBall Played?

Depending on the type of event, age group and number of players, we run a variety of games which may include team battles, capture the flag, traitor town, one on one or two on two championships and more.

GellyBall Party Pricing

Private parties mean you get the whole place to yourself! You can bring in food, drink and party items. Our BMAZ host will help make sure you have everything you need and will also run the GellyBall games. Game play can be used throughout your reserved time. Feel free to play, take a break, eat, party and play some more!

Don’t need a private party right now? No problem, we have periodic ‘open play’ hours and demo-day opportunities watch our facebook page for details!

Gameplay varies by age group. Games may include: Free for All, Elimination, DodgeBall Rules, Team Battle, Capture the Flag, Traitor Town, Infection, One-on-One, Two-on-Two, Last man Standing, Shooting Course and more.

Typically teams are played up to 5vs5. If there are more participants, we rotate teams. When this occurs, games are shorter to ensure everyone gets plenty of game time.

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